I notice that I tend to obsess too much about how I appear to others. Early on, I was too worried that I wouldn’t appear “disabled enough” to avoid people’s stares and thoughts containing condemnation about my not being able to work requiring to be on disability.  That concern was fueled by some normal processes of denial on my part, and by my general tendency to fall into a trap of giving to my concern about other people’s opinions. Now it is the opposite, as I worry about my observable tremor being misinterpreted as having drank too much.  I worry that each myoclonus twitch or involuntary movement may be seen by others as me being on some heavy street drugs like meth.  I worry that whispers from others mean that they are making fun of me.   I know the answer. I need to let it go – I can’t change what other people think.  Let them think what they will. Furthermore, it is normal for anyone to stare at someone who is different, I know I did before I had my diagnosis of Pd. Keep on! – C aka “Pdude”