One thing that has really stood out to me lately is that I have a terrible time with tolerating temperature extremes.

Doesn’t everybody?: even those without chronic illnesses?  Yes, but not to the same degree as I do – as my Parkinson’s disease has majorly acted up whenever I am faced with temp extremes.

When I was younger, of course I could handle long periods of time in the hot sun or cold weather – as most young people can.

Now, compared to others in my age group that do not have chronic health conditions, I find myself really struggling in the heat.

Lately, it has been very hot and humid where I am living (Kansas City, Missouri – USA).  If I go outside, even for a very short period of time, I feel nauseated, weak, shaky, and very fatigued. This is just being out for a very short period of time.  The heat really aggravates my Parkinson’s symptoms and this is frustrating.

In the wintertime, the cold also impacts my symptoms by contributing to my stiffness while adding to a lack of motivation for wanting to go outside and exercise.  In addition, I passionately dislike snow, ice, and the like.  Up until this summer, I was thinking that if I make it to being a senior citizen, that we move and then spend our older years in a warmer climate – like Texas or Arizona.  Now, I am questioning that previous decision.  Although I realize that if we go to Arizona, it wouldn’t be humid – just dry – but not sure if that would make a difference.

I envy you if you live somewhere that is a nice, even temperature year round!

I think that it is important for me to keep my body in motion, so I have been waiting until the sun goes down each evening to walk outside with my wife.

I have been trying to stretch indoors, but do not feel like that is adequate exercise.  I need to join a gym or health club, but right now it is difficult to do so currently for financial reasons.  Trying to live on my wife’s income combined with social security disability pay is not an easy adjustment for our family.

Being trapped at home makes it easier to ruminate or worry about things as well (such as: my problems swallowing, my financial future given my health, my periods of confusion, my periods of fluctuating emotions such as apathy, etc.).  I am still trying to keep myself busy while practicing mindfulness to keep a healthy distance from my thoughts and my fluctuating emotional states.

If you are able to, go outside and enjoy the day!  However, if you are currently trapped in the house (or apartment, miserable job, wheelchair, hospital, or whatever), then let’s pretend that we are out walking in a nice cool breeze and having fun!  We can dream right? Keep on!