About a month ago, I had a home “sleep study”.  I had to wear a device attached to my head while sleeping, which was done in the comfort of my own home, in my own bed, in which the device recorded information about my sleep patterns and breathing.  Based on the results of this study, I have now been given an additional diagnosis of sleep apnea.

I was aware prior to this that I had very poor and restless sleep (and this doesn’t include times of awakening in the middle of the night due to bouts of acid reflux – where I would be gagging on my own vomit).  I am also aware that it is common for people who have Parkinson’s Disease to have sleep related problems ranging from problems with getting proper REM sleep, not getting into a deep state of sleep, to some even acting out their dreams.

Saturday night, I am to go to an official sleep lab so that they can further test me, and then they can use that information to provide to me a CPAP machine (a device for those who have sleep apnea, which provides continuous air flow to prevent episodes of not breathing).

If you have Parkinson’s and have poor sleep, or if you snore, or perhaps sometimes wake up in the night (or awaken in the morning feeling weird or feeling as if you haven’t slept), then I highly urge you to have your doctor order a sleep study.  I understand that untreated sleep apnea can cause all sorts of problems from negatively impacting your cardiovascular system to making you feel horrible.  Obviously, not breathing at night, even for short periods, is not a good thing.  Keep on!