Does it ever seem that things never go smoothly?

Some say that there is no such thing as luck, but…
Don’t you sometimes dread it – that right before you do something, (especially when it involves depending on others or being involved with a big company) that deep inside, you already have a feeling that it is not going to go well at all?

This seems to happen to me whenever I am dealing with agencies- especially big companies. They screw up things – like overcharge on my bill, or they lose my file. This happens enough times that it really does make me wonder if I have bad luck when it comes to dealing with agencies.

I could come up with many personal examples to support this seemingly negative viewpoint. Interestingly enough, I usually have these type of agency screw-ups happen so much, that I find myself not getting as emotionally out of control as I could, but instead, just passively coming to expect that whatever it is that I do (that involves a company, a person I highly depend on, or an agency) is probably not going to go well. This skeptically pessimistic expectation actually lowers my emotions from reaching breakdown point and helps me better prepare (or rejoice if somehow that they miraculously do go well).

I recently had the student loan company, who received forms and documentation from my doctor stating that I wasn’t able to work because of my Parkinson’s symptoms, send back forms to me along with a note stating that my diagnosis needed clarification. When I called them, they said they needed the doctor to be more specific about if my Parkinson’s was going to be chronic, progressive, or “would it get better and go away”. Uhm, yeah, that’s what they said. So I had to have him spell it out for them that it was truly severe, chronic, and progressive.

I still haven’t heard back from the government Social Security Disability, but I am already preparing myself for that going poorly – despite the detailed documentation that I have sent them.

This past year I have: been billed erroneously for medical charges my insurance company already paid on, had my cell phone disconected because the cell phone company mixed up and applied my monthly money to the wrong department – then after they fixed their error and turned my phones back on – they didn’t send me rebates for switching to their service as their records showed my account was in bad standing (due to their error) – luckly this issue was resolved, I had a chiropractor from two years ago just now bill me (and didn’t bill my insurance nor me two years ago), my daugher was in an accident (not her fault – hit from behind) but the other people’s insurance company is stating that they can’t resolve this in a timely manner due to not being able to get a statement from the other person or obtain a police report. I had my CPAP machine (a device that helps me breathe at night due to sleep apnea) settings screwed up by a company when they were trying to program a new doctor’s order – and I had to get these changed.

I could go on and on with similar examples, but you get the idea. Usually things eventually do get resolved somehow, but in order to get things straight, I have to go through all kinds of hurdles to fix things that should have gone smoothly the first time around. Can you relate to this – or is this type of thing just a Pdude kind of luck issue?

On a more positive note, I am very thankful for what I have that is good and I also remind myself that there are no guarantees in life. Things don’t always go the way we want them to. If you ever have these type of things happen to you, just realize that you are not alone, I am there with you. Keep on!