I cherish my medications.  They are not perfect, but my quality of life is considerably better.   I feel strange saying this as I am not a strong “pill person”.  I have reservations about medications and I try to keep an eye on Big Pharma.

However, as you may know, I was watching myself deteriorate and I was losing functioning rapidly.

My neurologist/Movement Disorder Specialist had me raise my Carbadopa/Levadopa medication – and I must admit that initially I had some reservations and concerns about doing so, but decided that I needed to surrender to the fact that things were not going well with me.  The medication increase has made a significant difference!

Am I cured?  NO.

For today, I am just more functional.

Make no mistake, Parkinson’s Disease is progressive and it will get worse.  I will get worse.  In many ways I am a disabled person and I accept that.  There are still some tasks that I struggle with, and probably always will – and the future will bring additional struggles.

I continue working for now – somehow, some way.  My PD has also created some damage in its wake – being as, I was recently informed that in the near future my work hours are going to be significantly cut back by my employer – and I must accept some responsibility that this reduction in hours would probably not have occurred if I had been functioning at high capacity in productivity.  In the wake of slowness, stiffness, fog, and tremor – the damage has already been done.

However, I hope this medication can keep me functioning long enough to sustain an acceptable level of functioning in order to work as long as I can and to the best of my ability.   I hope I can sustain some level of adequate exercise as well, so that I can improve my overall physical health.

I am just having some feelings of joy knowing that I can now actually move across the room without the level of pain and without totally feeling like huge weights are on my feet.  I didn’t realize how much discomfort and how much stiffness I truly had until the medication increase resulted in making my load lighter and making accomplishing things easier.

Some say PD medications are bad.  Some people will site some unproven studies that reference medication like Carbadopa as being toxic to the brain.  All I know – is that the way that I was feeling prior to starting or increasing the medication, seemed way more toxic to my brain than any medication could adversely impact my brain and body – I wasn’t functioning well at all.  I know now that I feel much better after taking my PD medications.  In contrast, I feel horrible after a big greasy and fattening dinner.  I would venture to say that a big greasy meal is more toxic to my brain and body than my medications –  if I unscientifically but practically judge on the way that I feel after consuming either.

Keep on!