Sometimes after I over-exert myself, my Parkinson’s symptoms will act up. I was having a really bad day today physically, which includes having problems such as rigidity and very slow movements, which additionally including tremor.  I decided to take some time and sit in my chair in the living room and watch some baseball on TV.

I was sitting there and then after a while, the urge to urinate hit me. So I immediately forced myself to stand up rapidly.

I started to rush toward the restroom when…

Pow!  I hit the floor. Chest first. Not even a forward fall like I was used to doing in Judo. My hands/arms were not in the way. My chest was my “buffer” against the living room floor.

Was if dizziness, or low blood pressure? No.

My brain “forgot” that I was having a bad day. My mind said that I could walk at good speed. My feet didn’t get the message – and they stayed put.  The result was a hard fall – and I wet my pants to top it off!

What I experienced is called “freezing”.  Freezing is the term that parkies use when their feet magically stick to the ground due to something not being communicated in the Pd brain.

Remember when I used to have periods of denial?  Well, I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad, but I don’t have any more denial moments.

I feel torn between laughing or yelling whenever people that know I am no longer working imply that it must be somehow great (or tell me that I am “lucky”) to be able to stay home and not go to work every day and remark how nice it must be to be able to be paid disability. Oh, by the way, disabilty pay does help but compared to what I was making when working, the disabilty pay checks seem like pennies on the dollar).  Some people appear to think that I am really soaking in the good life somehow.

However, as usual, I remain appreciative of: my family, the people I do have in life, and the things that I have that some others do not have.  I am also thankful to have you read my posts and rode the waters of life with me. Keep on!

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