Hope you had some great holiday time.  

I have been invested in keeping busy with whatever I can find to give me a sense of accomplishment.  Whether it is artwork, trying to make a dinner, or whatever, I have really been focusing on enjoying the “here and now” and working hard at not focusing on anything pertaining to my illness.   When you have a chronic illness, that goal is not as easy as it sounds –  because the symptoms seem to disrupt my intentions, play havok on my movements, and pose obstacles everywhere (moving fluidly, sleeping, not spilling things, opening bottles, doing things you enjoy, going to public places, etc.)

Yet, whenever possible, I try to view my illness almost like a challenge that must be worked around (as opposed to a source of doom or thinking of it in a way that would cause me to go back into modes of depression or despair).  

I hope you are not stressing, worrying, stuck in what you can not do, and try very hard to find something (anything) that you can do and that gives you a sense of meaning or purpose (or at least helps you feel good – and hopefully nothing destructive either – we don’t need anything that would damage us more!).  

Take it in and don’t let this moment right now slip by.  Also, if you are anything like me – try not to procrastinate on healthy things (don’t wait until you feel like it to do something healthy – do it now).  

Keep on!