This is kind of an embarrassing topic – but anyway, here goes.

One more not-so-fun thing about Parkinson’s Disease is that I have problems with completely emptying my bladder.  I am not talking about having incontinence in the sense of just randomly urinating my pants.

Instead, it is more of an issue of what happens following urinating.  After peeing, I often discover that a few minutes afterward, that the front of my pants are wet – and this is occurring without my knowledge that I am leaking.

I guess it is just one more issue that comes with having PD.

I am sure that there is probably medication for this, but I am on plenty of pills already and not really wanting more.

I notice that if I avoid drinking coffee excessively, spend a little extra time at the urinal, and practice some Kegel exercises, that I can minimize this issue.

Keep on!